3 Steps to Improving the Efficacy of Your Security Cameras


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In this age, where we have become almost entirely dependent on technology, data security ranks right up there with other top human concerns. Sure, it is probably not as important as air quality or food safety, but because we spend so much of our lives on line and working on/with computers, the security of our sensitive personal data is certainly of great concern.

Sure, you know that you need good security for your computer but mobile phones are becoming more common targets, too.  A recent Wall street journal article described how cybercriminals have hacked security cameras to help them break into homes!

But while all that might seem aggravating and worrisome, there is still a lot we can do to protect ourselves form these potential threats. With that in mind, here are four steps you can take to improve your data security and privacy.

STEP #1:  Buy a Safe Security Camera

And by “safe,” I mean a brand name system from a company with a solid reputation.  While there is no way to guarantee that a piece of equipment will be 100 percent secure all the time, when you rely on a trusted company you can usually bet their machines are of great quality and, more importantly, they will enact quick and powerful fixes should they find an issue.

In addition, “safe” also refers to buying new equipment. This is the only way to be certain you are getting what you paid for.

STEP #2:  Password Variation and Strength

Sure, it is more convenient to use the same password for everything, but that does not make it a smart strategy. In fact, it is quite possibly the worst thing you could do for your personal online security.  Instead, you need to use different passwords for each site that might require one.  In some cases, this might be easy as not all sites have the same set of requirements. Still, you should make them different.

In addition to having different passwords, you also make sure they are all strong. And by “strong” I mean “hard to guess”.  Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters and numbers as well as symbols (if you can).  And mix up the order so nothing resembles a common word or number sequence.

STEP #3:  Update Your System

The efficacy of your security system depends on the most recent software and firmware updates.  Make sure you are aware of these updates and that you install them as soon as possible to get bug fixes and other improvements; the same goes for your home’s wireless router as well.

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