4 simple steps to making your own web design

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Many people know how to surf through the internet and therefore they are already familar with the internet. Creating your own web design then should be a little bit intuitive to most users. Creating a website requires a significant process that needs guidance. Here are some of those few tips.

  1. Obtain a suitable Domain for you

This is the first and most essential part. You need to decide on the best domain name for you. A domain simply the name you want your website to possess. For example, s44webdesign.com.au. A fee that is paid to the registrar is the first step to take. This fee is normally paid annually. Get a good domain for your website to make it more appealing. After deciding on the name of the domain, it is now time to register the domain.  You need to follow the required procedures in order to obtain the permit of using that domain name as a website. Try to be original enough to avoid issues with the registrar.

  1. Deicide on a specific web host and open an account

A web host generally means a group of computers connected to the internet under one specific company, these computers act as web servers to host websites. You are required to load your WebPages in their computer so that everyone in the whole world can see. An account is needed so that you can access your web pages on the home page. Ensure you have an SSl type of domain which is initialised by “HTTPS” this is the best compared to the “http” types of addresses. It has advantages in the commercial websites and generally many hosts will advice and install for you the SSL. After the acquaintance of the web hosting you will now need to point your domain name to the location for easy access.

  1. The design of the web pages

You got a domain name and a web host already so now it is important to decide on the best designs of your web site. There are some people designated to do this job called the web designers. However, you can do it yourself. You need to figure out how to publish a web page. Look for editors that allow you to design the site visually without any technical problems. For instance, the Microsoft expression web is a good commercial editor for those using windows. They help you to decide on how to create a fully functional website. These editors provide you with a theory and practical foundation that helps you create a good site.

  1. Testing if the website is functional

You require testing your web pages as you design them. You can either use the Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and the Microsoft edge. Access to these sites is absolutely free making it easy for you to find them. However, you need to test your site directly as it is the only way you will be sure that it is working the way you want it to. Make sure you validate the codes for your web page for the benefits of the future.

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