How Optimized Side Bar Can Enhance Your Website Engagement


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A sidebar is an essential piece of any website that is placed next to the content. Depending on its design, it can either distract or allure or get fully ignored by readers.  To make it impactful for a website, you need to understand the do’s and don’ts when creating an optimized side bar.

Ways to use optimized sidebars

There are certain important elements that are required to be included in a sidebar. We are here describing two of the very important elements:

Use a “Call to Action”

You need to tell users about your motive. Some of the common goals are creation of sales or promotion of email subscribers. To do this, it is important to highlight related products. Keep your website clean, and classy. Website builders are a credible website building software that allows people to create websites easily without any need of programming knowledge.

Featured or popular posts

This widget will help in highlighting the best content as well as rotate the links regularly to get repeated visitors. Consider restricting the list to a maximum of three top articles. Use a large sized thumbnail to assist content to become more visible.

This will assist in internal linking, as well as aid in improving website rankings too. When you make the popular posts region alluring to click, it helps you increase engagement with your customers, improve chances of returning visitors, produce more links to such posts too.

List of widgets that you must include

  • Recent Posts
  • Social Proof
  • Search Bar
  • Categories

Widgets that you must not add in the sidebar

  • Tag Cloud
  • Social Buttons
  • Latest Tweets/ Pins / Grams
  • Recent Comments
  • Date/Month Archives
  • Blogroll

Tips for an effective sidebar

Choose the right kind of widgets to create a successful sidebar. Take it to the next levels with thoughtful development and design.

Curate the sidebar

For a list of widgets that you think you require it, then cut it. Before adding a widget, you need to find out whether it adds value or distracts you from achieving our real goals. If you find any wizard that doesn’t serve your website goal, discard it.

Create targeted sidebars

Sidebar needs to be static all across the website. Develop customized sidebars for web pages, archives and blog posts. Use one to dynamically load widgets on the basis of category, page, and conditions.

Clear all the clutter

Clearing all the clutter from the sidebar helps your viewers to be able to access to more options to display the sidebar. Carefully select widgets to keep the sidebar look uncluttered.


All these ways will definitely help sidebar to create the best level of website engagement for your business.

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